Thursday, February 02, 2006

Stuff is Going On!

First, a bunch of freshmen boys at the school are playing around with Unity and are having a total blast. Right now they have a game where you can drive a car of an island in the sky -- not great game-play, but they love doing it. It also involves an enemy car and a dragon and fireballs. All from the minds of freshmen boys, of course.

Next, the "top dog" at OTEE (who publishes Unity) has stepped up and said they would love to help seed a pilot project. So maybe we can buy (cheap?) a few copies of the software. It runs on Mac OS X -- so if you wanna try, drop me a note.

Last, I heard from Chris (Gail's husband) about maybe making some architectural models in SketchUp. It appears you can transfer them to Unity via a .3ds format. I think the thing will be to just take a simple model he already has and see if we can jam it into Unity and run around in it!

Chris may also have a lead on some beta testers. So stuff is happening!

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