Monday, January 22, 2007

Half Life Falling Water

A Half Life player named Kasperg (an architectural student from Spain) has bult a hi-res model of Frank Lloyd Wright's Falling Water, linked here:

Digital Urban

This absolutely shows how 3D models can be brought into these FPS gaming engines (sans gun barrel) to render an accurate, immersive experience. The model (with sound effects!) is amazing, and there is a .wmv file you can download.

Friday, January 19, 2007

Build Your Campus in 3D

Google has launched a competition called:

"Build Your Campus in 3D"

And they've released Google SketchUp 6. It lloks like you can now use photos as texture maps -- cool!

iRobot Create

From the folks that brought you the Roomba vaccum, comes "iRobot Create":

I been follwing the Roomba cause on a bunch of the maker and hacker sites, this has been the target of some investigation -- and iRobot thought enough to add a programming port to the Rooba at some point. Now they've removed the vacuum part and just given the maker-hacker community "base robot" that folks can play with. Great idea. Here are some projects:

iRobot Create Projects

Read more at Make Magazine and this review at ROBOT.