Monday, August 14, 2006

Everyone an XBox Developer

Incredibly welcome news:

Play your own Xbox game (via CNet)

Reminds me of the way Sony used to accelerate interest and game development with Yaroze -- what ever happened to that program? Why isn't there a Yaroze for the PSP? Maybe this will push Sony to look back and remember when they used to do fun and innovative work.

Also -- the new Lego NXT is due out very very soon. It's like waiting for Xmas morning!

Also, from Ode magazine, and interesting article in their September issue -- "The Future of Homework". Unfortunately, the web site thinks the latest issue is July right now. I'll link the article when (if?) it gets posted.

UPDATE (8/22/06): It got posted:

Also, there's an interesting "Forum" conversation in September's Harper's Magazine -- no link.