Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Ed Tech Life Has Moved

Mark Wagner moved his blog:

Educational Technology and Life

His blog connects in lots of ways: gaming, gadgets, education. A few good recent posts on "risk taking" as well as "fear" -- a couple of topics that certainly hit home for me:

Risk Taking and Educational Technology
What Teachers are Afraid Of

Top of mind since we recently had to block facebook and myspace URLs at my school. Some naughty naughty posts from some of our students. Very disappointing, but it's hard to argue with the other administrators when fac-brats, in particular, were trashed in the posts.

Anyway, Mark's blog is always a good read.

Also from the PSP rumor blogs, there are tons of reports (or maybe tons of links to a single report?) that Sony will release a PSP with 8GB of NAND flash memory, built-in:

Sony to adopt NAND flash in PSP

Also, Memory Stick Duo Pro prices are still falling (I got a 1GB stick for less than $70 a few weeks back; guess I coulda waited!):

2GB Memory Stick Pro Duo for $85 at Amazon

2GB sticks had been going for about $180. But this is coincident with reports that black-market Memory Sticks are also flooding the market:

$49.99 Memory Stick PRO Duo 1GB? Better Be Careful

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