Thursday, December 06, 2007

Tribute to MLK

I was asked to put together an presentation for MLK Day in January and thought it might be a great chance to use the new iMovie 08. But, I was given little time to complete the project, since the administration wanted to review the product before the December Break. I tried using iMovie 08, I really did, but the new UI just frustrated me. I spent about twenty minutes trying to figure out how to import still images as slides and assemble them with pans and transisitons, then bailed and went back to the old iMovie HD.

Here's a beta "rough cut". It's part of the "mountaintop speech" that MLK gave the day before he was killed in 1968. In it, he talks about an incident from 1958, in which a "deranged woman" stabs him during a Harlem book signing and nearly kills him. In the hospital, he is recuperating and reading letters from well wishers:

Let me know what you think!


Chris said...

I had the same trouble when putting together Jessie's tribute movie - started out in iMovie 08 and bailed back to the old iMovie - much more intuitive...nice MLK tribute, by the way. Thanks for sharing it with us.

winchou said...

Hey Chris -- Thanks for the note. I get the feeling that the new iMovie would not seem quite so bad if there wasn't an old iMovie, which was IMHO a real ground-breaking app. At some point I'll have to revisit it and see. And thank you for Jesse's movie. Nearly two months now but still can't think about Jesse without tearing up. I'm so sorry.