Wednesday, December 13, 2006

XNA Available Next Week

Microsoft announced that the XNA Game Development Studio will be available for download starting next Monday (Dec. 18th). From an ARS artcile by Jeremy Reimer:

The XNA Game Development Studio for Xbox 360 and PC
"Of course, the sheer sophistication of modern games makes it difficult to imagine a return to the days when an individual could compete on his own with the big boys. However, the popularity of simpler games such as Lumines on modern platforms has shown that you don't necessarily have to make a sprawling epic adventure in order to be a success. With the XNA Game Studio lowering the bar for developers to create content, we can expect more unique and interesting titles to come out of the woodwork. Not all of them will be gems, of course, but the next killer game may well come from someone the world has never heard of."
So another challange to the Tech Club here at Rivers is possible: make a 3-D model of the campus, and let's race around -- according to the article, the XNA Racer Starter Kit will be available, too!

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