Sunday, December 11, 2005

Thanks for Participating!

Oh my goodness, I'm tired. To those who made it, thank you all for coming down to listen to my slightly-connected ranting. I hope it was fun and stimulating. I am so appreciative -- who else has friends who would spend a Sunday afternoon listening to some half-baked scheme to bridge the divide between technology and teachers. Thank you so much!

To those who could not make it, I'll send your packages out later next week. There are two handouts and a memory key with soft-copies of the handouts and some other stuff that you can share.

Obviously, from the discussion, there are at least three big threads to follow:

- How does this make money; or at least how does it make a business?
- We need to flesh-out the story-line and the game logic.
- In the meantime what can we build that's illustrative of the idea?

My first response, of course, is to share the idea with anyone else who might be able to add to or help answer the above. If you have thoughts on the story-line or game-logic, add them here to the comments and we can all work that out. And think franchise -- if the first thing we can make is a comic book or a an online "trailer", that's cool.

The last item is the most interesting to me, cause if we can get some grant money and build a small "appetizer" web site, that would be the best, I think, first step. I also think if we can just make this a bit more substantial, and fill in some holes, I could very easily make a proposal to Rivers or the Tech Directors' Group of the AISNE or some other interested party (Houghton? WGBH?) to see if there is interest is building some of the historical sets.

I added a link The Sims web site at EA Games. Any other links, LMK and I'll add em.

Thanks again. More news soon.

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